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We have been engaged in design and general constructions in relation to large-scale building investments for more than two decades. In the most wide-ranging building segment, we have successfully received recognition reflected mostly by our customers and the projects assigned to us as well as their accurate and quality performance.

From our viewpoint, we do what we love most, from the viewpoint of our customers, we accurately design, build and construct in accordance with the agreed technical content, if necessary, we perform renovations, and hand over the facilities entrusted to us in cooperation with our customers at the end of our projects.

The time factor is one of the most critical factors in the case of construction works. We, the AK Construction, do our best to be able to perform the whole order in the shortest possible time, thoroughly thinking over each element, even under the most extreme weather conditions.

We work together with Hungarian- and foreign-owned multinational companies, we know that we represent not only ourselves but also the Hungarian supply industry and our country. We make our mark, we construct buildings that will survive us. Knowing this and in accordance with our belief sworn to two decades ago, we do nothing but work in a responsible way!

We build in a responsible way.

A-K Építőipari Kft. was founded by Károly Tallosi and Antal Horváth owners-managing directors. The two engineers are familiar with the significant industrial investments not only on the side of the employed designer and the contractor.

Before its past of more than two decades, from 1985, AK Construction worked in the corporate segment, and was responsible for such orders on the side of the customer.

Based on these experiences, the AK Construction brand was built, which is further strengthened and built by the successful performance of orders, and additional projects won from the previous customers and partners.

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Building equipment, Construction work, Execution plan, General contractor, Road and utilities, Technological execution


Building equipment, Construction work, General contractor, Permitting designs, Road and utilities, Technological execution

Metmax Europe Kft. production hall

Building equipment, Construction work, Execution plan, General contractor, Road and utilities, Technological execution

Construction of new industrial hall in Győr, Hungary

General contractor, Permitting designs

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