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cfa vs mba in india: MBA vs CFA: Difference Between MBA and CFA in 2023

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But let’s first look at them independently to have a comparison between CFA or CA and decide which is better for you. Total fees would usually range from 20 lakhs to 1 Crore . You will have to appear for either CAT or GMAT exam since these are the most widely accepted exams.


CFA Vs MBA: CFA Is Cheaper But High Stress, Tough Exams Scare … – Bloomberg

CFA Vs MBA: CFA Is Cheaper But High Stress, Tough Exams Scare ….

Posted: Thu, 09 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The scope of CFA is huge and a person can pick their own choice of interest and specialize in that. Some of the career scopes for CFA professionals are quality data analyst, consultant, trader, real estate, fixed income, investment banking etc. The CFA professionals can also widen their scope if they acquire other skill sets connected to the industry. CFA Placements in India – Chartered Financial Analyst has gained a lot of popularity in India over the years. The number of CFA’s in India has been increasing at a rate of 30% for the last 7 years and currently, India is the 3rd largest market for CFA after China and USA. The CFA placements in India are done at a larger scale in the financial industry.

MBA in Finance Vs CFA – Which is Better for a Finance Career?

LEVEL 2- There are a total of vignettes along with 120 multiple-choice questions. LEVEL 1- There are a total of 240 multiple-choice questions and the passing rate is 43%. On the other hand, MBA is a two-year full-time program that can affect your full-time work. The candidate can do internships at the time of summer breaks. To put it in a nut shell, an MBA-degree, with or without specialization in Finance works very well in the finance industry.

  • While the course fee is quite low in government colleges, the course fee in select private colleges can go up to Rs.15 lakh, which is a very large investment.
  • LEVEL 2- There are a total of vignettes along with 120 multiple-choice questions.
  • Total fees would usually range from 20 lakhs to 1 Crore .
  • Level 1/2 cleared candidates do get an advantage in summers and the same holds true for Levels 2/3 in final placements.

Regular industry visits provide the students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the corporate environment, manufacturing setups or retail shop floors. BMU also has a student exchange program with the Imperial College London. As per the exchange program, students from BMU can do 2-3 weeks of the program on the Global Leadership module in the Imperial College itself. This provides the students a considerable exposure to international competitiveness.

Benefits of Doing MBA

The CFA has to be well-versed with quantitative techniques in corporate finance, and the focus is laid on the teaching and learning of financial analysis. CFA program prepares students with essential investment knowledge that a general MBA degree might neglect. Let’s not ignore the fact that not every student is privileged to pursue MBA from top institutes, but everyone should be given such opportunities that might help them to evolve, CFA can be that opportunity.

cfa vs mba in india

MBA Colleges provide atmosphere to have Fun and enjoy student life along with studies. To earn CFA charter, you spend anywhere between 2500usd – 3500usd which covers the cost of CFA Institute fee as well as any training you may need. The skills which you can apply in any of the industries, in any of the disciplines.

Colleges offering CFA course in India

Whereas in the case of CFA, an aspirant focuses on portfolio strategy, asset allocation, and Investment analysis. Therefore, we can say that if you want to have a flexible career in the finance sector, then you should take up an MBA in Financial Management after your graduation. If you wish to do your MBA in Kolkata, then there are some MBA colleges where you can pursue your degree in Financial Management. MBA is a post-graduate program that allows students to gain an understanding of the management functions and principles under the different domain like marketing, HR, and finance.

It begins with the GMAT preparation; multiple attempts at the GMAT if you fail to obtain a decent score. Then you need to shortlist the right business school that suit your career goals and start working on the MBA essays which would vary for each school. The course covers Financial Markets, quantitative analysis, investment management, and other relevant topics in depth.

MBA in Finance vs CFA: About

cfa vs mba in india are recommended to be disciplined and learn ethics and the professional conduct standard to be part of the global institute of CFA. Another requirement for having CFA exams is that the candidate must be a member of the CFA institute along with a member of the local CFA governing body. In the 3rd year of the training session, students have a chance to work in the industry before appearing for the CA finals. Students can apply for CA Foundation exams after clearing their 12th with minimum threshold marks . However, you have the opportunity to directly enroll for the CA Intermediate course after graduating with the minimum marks required. In this case, students need not appear for the CA Foundation exams.

Best flexi-cap mutual fund managers 2022 – Economic Times

Best flexi-cap mutual fund managers 2022.

Posted: Mon, 27 Feb 2023 01:00:00 GMT [source]

Both https://1investing.in/ require students to work on building their financial knowledge. However, a different picture is presented when one starts to explore more details. Highest packages is in Investment Banking Industry and Consulting industry, here the salary is north of USD $100,000 plus bonuses. All these are professional courses and before opting for these courses, the student should know the work profile of all such professionals and should opt for such courses only if such kind of work excites them. You would be doing such kind of work throughout your life and therefore you should be certain if such work excites you and opt for the course accordingly.

Which course would be more suited to your needs and would be more rewarding for your investment. Let’s take a look at the comparison of MBA in Finance vs CFA. To conclude the first point CFA and MBA from the top institutes both offer the most niche finance profiles in the top companies. So, if these are the profiles you are looking forward for then both the courses are the right choice. Even finance specialization just touch upon the topics , reason why they aren’t employable in finance domain. So you should be prepared to re-take it in case of a failed attempt.


This necessitates making an informed choice by making a comparative analysis of both options. Let us know more about them in this article to help the decision-making process easier for you. Kamal is an experienced Online marketing consultant with a high degree of expertise in SEO, Web Analytics, Content/Technical planning and marketing. There are several reputed and famouscolleges for M.Arch in India that you can check for admission. Candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria have to just simply register on the website of ICFAI or CFA Institute.


CFA exams are conducted in the months of June and the Level I exam is also conducted in December. At first glance, it may seem like MBA in Finance is the more difficult course as it requires students to work on their financial and managerial aptitude. However, generally speaking, it can be said to be the easier course of the two. Most of the students who take up this course are able to pass with relative ease. Finances are a topic that every person on the planet can directly or indirectly relate to. Money connects the world and is probably the only thing that can be said to be common across countries, religions, races, ethnicities.

CFA Program Charter and MBA both the certificates are expensive, require time and a lot of effort on the student’s part. It is very important to note the distinction between these two certifications. Speaking about level of difficulty, Business school application could be a long drawn out and tedious process. It begins with the GMAT preparation; multiple attempts at GMAT if the candidate fails to obtain a decent score. Then the right business school that suits career goals has to be shortlisted.

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